13 Home Organization Tips to Spruce Up Your House

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Do you have items out of place? Or clutter taking up important areas of your home? If so, it may be time to reorganize. After living somewhere for an extended period of time it’s normal for things to become unorganized or out of place. If you are ready to take the step towards organizing and decluttering your home you have come to the right place. We’ve gathered tips from experts from across the country on how to organize your home, from beginning to end, so your home will be back to looking its best in no time.

Start with one cabinet at a time

When it comes to kitchen organizing you have to remember to not buy every gadget you see advertised. Chances are those are the ones not being used. Time to let go of those first. When starting the process just start with one cabinet at a time. Once you have decided what you are keeping make a plan on where things should go. Dishes, glasses, mugs, silverware closest to the dishwasher, pots and pans closest to the stove, and spices if you are that kind of cook, an area for bakeware, plasticware, appliances, etc. Keep like with like. – Organize 2 Harmonize

Incorporate a door rack system in closets and pantries

A great option would be a simple vertical strip with baskets attached that require no nails or screws. Works well in kitchen pantries, coat closets, or clothes closets. – The Clutter Whisperer of New York City

Group together similar items in your laundry room

Laundry rooms are one of the most cluttered areas in the house. It becomes a dumping ground of sorts. So, to make things easier have bins, hampers, or whatever the space allows, and separate the clothes immediately as they come in. Then when you fold the laundry, especially bed sheet sets, keep the pillows with the sets, do not separate them. Fold in thirds, it yields much better results. And to answer the most controversial question of all time – where do socks go? In the dryer vent or somewhere stuck in the dryer, that’s if you are 100% sure you washed two and now there’s one. My advice – if you find a single sock in the clean laundry and after you finished all the cycles you still don’t have the other one, keep it on top of the dryer in a container/basket where lost socks live for 2 laundry days. After that, discard it. – Master the Time

Use see-through containers to organize a playroom

When kids can see what’s inside of a bin, they are less likely to dump the entire container in search of one item. – My Organized Solution

Use clear bins in your pantry

When organizing a pantry, take dry goods out of their packaging and organize them in clear pantry bins. This works well for snacks, tea, sauce mixes, spices, fruit cups, etc. It maximizes your storage space and provides easy access. It is especially effective for bulk purchases from stores like Costco. – Clutterfly

Make goals before organizing your home

What’s your underlying intentions, goals, and life purpose? How can that be reflected in your spaces? Using these goals will help facilitate deeper meaning and a journey rather than a quick fix of decluttering and organizing. That’s why it’s important to go through a process that balances both the technical aspects of getting organized and looking at your inner patterns that created your clutter to begin with. – Time + Space Solutions

Let go of belongings that don’t serve a purpose

When deciding what to keep and what to get rid of in your storage spaces, remember that the money has already been spent. If an item is not adding value to your life, it is instead adding stress to your day by taking up space. Let it go. –Grid + Glam

Use vertical space in your home office

Get stuff up off your desk to give you space to work. Use a hutch or a wall-mounted shelf to get extra files or books out of the way. – Everett Office Furniture

Use cubbies to keep winter clothes organized

We love to create ‘cubbies’ to keep all of your winter woolies organized by fabric, weight, and color. This storage solution allows you to quickly get dressed on those chilly mornings to start your busy day stress-free. – Closet City

Minimize the clutter in your garage

Try to keep the front wall of the garage as clutter-free as possible by utilizing cabinets, or slat wall to organize the chaos. Move smaller items to the “garage door side” of the garage so you don’t see them as much when you pull into the garage. Lastly, don’t forget to look up as there are options for storing lesser-used items on the ceiling above your open garage door. This will hide these items from sight while freeing up the walls and floors of your newly organized garage. – Ideal Garage Solutions

ideal garage storage solutions before

Avoid piling your bakeware and cookware

When organizing your kitchen or pantry, file, don’t pile. This applies to your bakeware and cookware. Invest in an expandable bakeware organizer that allows you to store the pans you use most often vertically for easy access. – Flourish Organizing Co.

Use command hooks to hang masks by your front door

Hanging masks on small Command hooks by the front door keeps face masks from getting lost or forgotten as you walk out into the world. It also provides a home for them to return to. Assigning each family member a specific colored mask and their own hook prevents cross-contamination of germs. – Cocozza Organizing + Design, LLC

Use your child’s name as decor in your organized nursery

It’s very trendy to use the child’s name as décor. It’s a great way to introduce a child to the spelling of their name, especially if it’s a creative or unique spelling of a common name. And don’t forget the bedding. With custom-printed fabric, you can create a beautiful crib set featuring your child’s name. – BabyNames

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