3 Easy Steps to an Organized, Healthier Closet

Spring has sprung, and plenty of people are embracing the season by updating closet space of winter’s bulky wardrobe and replacing it with brighter, breezier clothes. But why not go a step further? Springtime is the perfect opportunity to improve the functionality of your closet space, by reducing clutter and re-vamping your organization. The closet experts at Ideal Garage Solutions recommend these three simple steps to help you arrive at a healthier, more organized closet.

  1. Take everything out.

We don’t tend to think of closet spaces as areas of the home that need to be regularly cleaned, like the bathroom or kitchen. But they do collect dust and dirt. Remove everything from your closet and give the shelves and floor a good wipe down.

  1. Look at the contents.

There’s a good chance that, while emptying your closet space, you found a few forgotten items that may or may not have collected as much dust as the shelves you just cleaned. What did you remove that you can absolutely throw away? What may need to be recycled or donated? Throw all the trash directly into a trash bag and pile all items to be donated into a box—don’t be tempted to just make a few different piles on the floor. When you’re done, remove these items immediately so they don’t find their way back into your newly cleaned closet.

  1. Organize.

Invest in some attractive, nice storage and organizational containers for items that cannot be placed on a hanger. Sort clothes by item type or color to help you save time when choosing an outfit. Install hooks on doors or walls so you feel less tempted to fling a jacket on a chair instead of hanging it up right away. The more organized and attractive your closet space is, the happier you’ll be. But don’t just take our word for it…

According to fix.com, messy spaces can be incredibly hazardous to your health and productivity, whether you realize it or not. “A study conducted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin determined women with cluttered homes had increase levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – and reported being depressed and fatigued more often than their tidy peers. Returning to a messy home and a long to-do list could cause cortisol levels to remain high all day, impacting your sleep, mood, and weight.” Don’t let your unorganized closet directly affect your well-being and appearance, follow these steps and tackle it!

If you need help from the professionals, we’re always just one short phone call or email away. idealgaragesolutions.com/contact-us. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for weekly organization tips and updates on home trends.

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