3 Reasons Why Overhead Storage is Perfect for Your Garage

Keeping your garage organized can seem like an impossible task.  If you’re tired of moving your things from one side to the other, tired of parking outside, or just tired of paying for an additional storage unit….Ideal Garage Solutions has the perfect answer for you.

Our solution is overhead storage.   We will transform your unused space into storage space just by looking up, towards the garage ceiling that is!  Our overhead storage products will help you tackle the clutter, get organized, help you save money, and allow you to park inside again! Remember, you have paid for all of the room in your home, not just the floor space.

Here are 3 reasons why overhead storage may be perfect for you.

Cheaper Storage Options:

Off-site storage units can be very expensive.  Not to mention a hassle since it is off-site.  You can’t just run and grab something if you’re running late, you actually have to plan a time to grab your items.  Adding additional overhead storage is a great way to save money and store the items in your home!

Stores Virtually Everything:

Our overhead products are ideal for storing everything from holiday decorations, large camping equipment, to seasonal items.  As a bonus, this also helps you clean up the clutter.

Depending on your garage, sometimes our overhead storage racks can even be placed above the garage door.  This helps utilize unused space as well as hide your storage rack and the seasonal items.

Easy Access & Safe:

Our strong racks can hold up to 600 pounds evenly distributed.  This helps you save room down below for other everyday items.  Our racks are made of steel keeping them safe, strong, and long lasting.  This also allows you to have easy access to your long-term storage items, instead of having to dig through multiple boxes to find things.

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