Are You Ready For Some Football?

The air has a slight chill… Event calendars everywhere feature “Oktoberfest” festivities… The coffee carousel has sneakily introduced pumpkin spiced k-cups… And the sound of referee whistles echo as the Bengals struggle for the first down. And as any true Cincinnatian knows, the thermometer might hit 90 degrees again but the reality is unavoidable… Fall is coming.

So, we have one question for you. Are you ready for some football?

While the Bengals finalize their roster, we want to make sure you take the guess work out of a successful football season. Whether you are entertaining (or relaxing) while watching your team OR you are shuttling your own little linebacker to practice after school, you’ll appreciate these tips.

CLEATS don’t have to be your enemy.
They may be muddy, stinky and grass stained, but you don’t have to hate them. With an “ideal” floor that can be easily swept or hosed off, you can keep the field outside and even let the kiddos clean it up! This new garage floor will eliminate the dirty, worn-down look of your garage floor and hold up for years to come. Then, once the cleats are in the garage, store them out of sight in custom shelving or cabinets. Ideal Garage Solutions uses RedLine products so your garage can not only house the MVP’s cleats, but it can be the MVP!

Keep the ball in the ENDZONE.
The key to garage organization is to make sure that everything has its place. So, since we can’t guarantee our hometown team will get the ball in the end zone, at least you can guarantee your home team will! The Ideal Garage team of consultants will customize wall storage that is secure, waterproof, durable and sharp looking. The football (and other equipment) can be easily stored and kept accessible for your own “no-huddle” offense.

Garage GRILLING is expected.
Your driveway isn’t just for parking your car; it’s for tossing the ball in between plays and shouting words of encouragement from the sidelines to the Grill Master. The grill, when positioned properly, will fill the air with a smoky BBQ scent while still being able to see the TV. That’s why Garage Grilling is not only acceptable… it’s expected. Before too many games pass you by, give our team a call so we can schedule a free design consultation that will not only allow for prime TV viewing, but high quality cabinets to hold as many red cups and paper plates as your neighborhood requires.

Simply put, an IDEAL football season kicks off with a game plan to improve your garage. So, it’s time for an audible. Give us a call and we’ll make sure you are READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!

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