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Benefits of a Garage Floor Coating – Part III

We have been addressing the benefits of a garage floor coating. This is part 3 in the series. In the first two parts we mentioned several benefits including an improved appearance, greater safety, easier to keep clean, and increasing home values. In this part, we will address the benefits saving time/$, improving the environment. Reason […]

Benefits of a Garage Floor Coating – Part II

We are continuing our discussion on providing the benefits of a garage floor coating. In part I, I described a few of the benefits of garage floor coating including how it improves the appearance, makes it easier to clean, and helps provide a brighter space. In this installment (Part II), I will be describing how […]

3 Reasons Why Overhead Storage is Perfect for Your Garage

Keeping your garage organized can seem like an impossible task.  If you’re tired of moving your things from one side to the other, tired of parking outside, or just tired of paying for an additional storage unit….Ideal Garage Solutions has the perfect answer for you. Our solution is overhead storage.   We will transform your unused […]

Basement Flooring

Benefits of a Basement Floor Coating You may be looking at your basement floor and wishing there was something that could be done to improve this area. Among all of the improvements we offer, I am often asked about the benefits of a basement floor coating. Overall, the basement floor coating will provide a terrific […]