Back to School is the Perfect Time for Ideal Garage Solutions

What happened? A mere four months ago, your garage was “clean and organized.” (Well…relatively speaking.) Even your new car had a safe place at night.  Now things are hopelessly scattered.  You can’t find your tools.  The athletic equipment has migrated to who knows where. and the bicycles and scooters occupy the spot formerly home to your car.

That’s right….Summer happened.

Now it’s back to School.  The kids are gone and you have the time to organize.  Ideal Garage Solutions has ideas.

Try Looking UP!

The most unused space in your garage is right above your head.  Our overhead products can store virtually everything with a heavy-duty design that is mounted securely to the frame of your garage ceiling.  These solutions are perfect for rotating seasonal storage items and can be located discreetly above your garage doors.

Hit The WALL!

Now, about those nails you put in the wall back in the spring to hold your gardening tools.  While the wall of your garage may seem like the more obvious solution to decluttering, they are no less valuable in reclaiming floor space.  But, you can leave behind the cut-rate appearance of pegboard and hooks with our Slatwall Organization System.  Out Slatwall is durable, strong, and adaptable.  Best of all it is waterproof and comes in a variety of colors so your garage is as handsome as it is functional.

Result? You’ve reclaimed valuable garage real-estate.  You’ll be clean and organized.  Best of all? That shiny car is back in the garage!

So don’t delay!

Schedule your FREEE Initial Consultation today with Ideal Garage Solution.  The process is quick and easy so you can get back to your day.  We’ll be happy to customize a storage solution that mends your summer clutter.



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