Basement Flooring

Benefits of a Basement Floor Coating

You may be looking at your basement floor and wishing there was something that could be done to improve this area. Among all of the improvements we offer, I am often asked about the benefits of a basement floor coating. Overall, the basement floor coating will provide a terrific appearance, make the area easier to keep clean and brighten the area overall just to name a couple.

Reason #1: Greater Appearance – Most basement floors are a drab grey color and may even have a number of unsightly stains that have been absorbed into the concrete. After our basement floor coating is installed it is a dramatic appearance improvement which can be consistent with the overall appearance of appearance of your home. The appearance in the basement will now be something you are proud of and will enjoy sharing with others.

Reason #2: Easier to Keep Clean – You have probably noticed the current concrete floor can be very porous and can allow the dirt and stains which are virtually impossible to remove. As a result, those stains persist and are very unsightly. When properly installed, a Basement floor coating will create a protective shield over the concrete surface. Picture entertaining and after the party is over instead of dealing with stains of the surface or carpet, simply wipe the stain and it becomes so much easier to keep clean.

Reason #3: Brighter Area – After providing our terrific topcoat, the surface of the floor has more of a glossy appearance and since most basement lighting isn’t the best, the existing light will have a tendency to bounce the light resulting in a brighter area. This is very helpful as many basements can be dingy and somewhat dark – the basement floor coatings can help provide the improved brightness and greater visibility.

At Ideal Garage Solutions, we have the expertise to improve the appearance of basements with our attractive and long-lasting basement floor coatings which can make you feel so much better about the basement space. For some helpful suggestions, please feel free to give us a call at 513-562-7542 for a free in-home consultation.

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