Classic Garage Storage Cabinets

Our Classic Garage Storage Cabinets are built for maximum storage at a minimum cost. However, don’t confuse lower cost with lower quality as these cabinets are made to create a flexible design for any garage.

Durable Construction // Off The Floor Design

classic garage storage cabinet

Durable Construction

Our classic cabinets utilizes dove-tail joinery, one of the strongest carpentry joints available. This provides the strength your cabinets need to hold heavy items. These cabinets are specially designed for the garage environment and can hold items without sagging or breaking, with a 5 year limited warranty.

Quality Materials

Our classic cabinets feature a 3/4″ premium grade M-2 industrial panel to create a durable, quality cabinet frame. These robust materials help provide the strength needed to hold heavy objects, storing them conveniently and easily out of sight.

off the floor design

Our classic garage storage cabinets feature a mounted, off the floor design that allows for easy and convenient cleaning. Contents are able to stay dry when your garage floor is washed and makes sweeping a breeze with no legs or stands in the way.