Dealing with “Slushy Sludge” with our Garage Floor Coatings!

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Are we Winter Obsessed? We are garage obsessed. But, this time of year we have an ongoing conversation about preparation for what Mother Nature will throw at us over the coming months. Weather dominates our thoughts and minds because our garages are so key to protecting our investments against it. Snowy weather is just around the corner.  This week’s cold blast will be all the reminder we need that winter is knocking on the door.  The deadline to winterize fast approaches.

What’s Slushy Sludge? In feedback from our customers – and our own team – we hear that the road salts, moisture, dirt, and grime that are imported into our garages are a huge complaint.  You know how it happens.  You bring home a big supply of “slushy sludge” from the freeway. That dirty mix of snow, slush, and chemicals accumulates in your wheel wells and melts in your garage overnight.  It eventually dries into a pile of dirt after doing who knows what to your garage floor.  Then you are left to scrub away in the springtime.

There’s not much we can do to stop it but we do get concerned over protecting our floors and how to make clean up easier.  This where Ideal Garage Solution comes in.

A Solution to Slushy Sludge Ideal Garage Solutions offers our Garage Floor Coatings. These can protect your floor from winter side effects as well as help get rid of the appearance of cracked concrete, worn down floors, and stains.

  • One-day installation available. Walk on it within hours and park the car in 24 hours. No waiting several days like with other procedures.  The quick process allows you to bring items into the garage the following day.
  • Our specialized floor coating is 4X stronger than other coatings and resists stains from oil, salt, gas, and other chemicals. Clean-up is fast, simple and easy. Also, our floor coating is backed by a long-term warranty.

Time is running short but you can still make this your first winter where you save time, stay cleaner, and protect your investment.


This Month’s Special Offer:  Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.07.05 AM

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