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Garage Floor Coatings - Ideal Garage Solutions

Garage Floor Coatings

With over a decade of award-winning experience installing thousands of garage floor coatings throughout the
Tri-State, you can count on Ideal Garage Solutions to provide a worry-free transformation of your garage floor.

When it comes garage floor coatings, not all companies are created equal.

Despite the similar appearance many companies provide, only Ideal Garage Solutions utilizes the perfect combination of people, product and process to provide a truly unique experience, resulting in a garage floor that’s not only attractive and easy to clean, but even easier to brag about to your friends!

One-Day Application // 20X Stronger Than Epoxy // Attractive & Easy To Clean

Our People

The real difference with Ideal Garage Solutions is the professionalism of our entire team. From the design process, to installation, to follow through, we promise to treat your home as if it was our own. Our no-pressure sales team will happily walk you through the entire process and work with you to choose the right look for your new garage floor. We employ our own installers – never subcontractors – who are meticulous and will ensure every inch of your garage floor is properly prepped and ready.

Our Products

Our floor coatings are 20x stronger than other products including a standard epoxy. They are made of an industrial grade polyurea material which has been used for over 30 years in industrial applications such as pipeline coatings, sewer linings and bridge support protection. Our coatings are not only strong, but resist harsh chemicals, salt, oil and gas, leaving your floor looking like new year after year. They’re also 98% more flexible than epoxy allowing for concrete movement and less damage over time. 

Our Process

The preparation process is the most critical step in creating a long-lasting, beautiful garage floor coating. Our team will properly prepare the surface by using our own unique equipment to diamond grind the old floor and fix any cracks or spalling. This process helps removes stains and opens the pores of the concrete, allowing our specialized coating to properly adhere when applied by “wetting” into the surface for greater adhesion instead of just “sticking” to the surface like traditional epoxy.

Choose from dozens of beautiful color options

Standard Flake Designs

In addition to our standard flake colors shown here we can provide hundreds of custom colors of any shade of the rainbow.

Standard Metallic Designs

To create an even more unique color setting, we feature a wide variety of metallic colors

Eliminate the dirty, worn-down look of your garage floor forever!

Design Consultation
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