Garage Hazards!

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People think of their garage in many ways: as simply a parking place for vehicles, a hub for sports equipment, storage space, a place for hobbies such as woodworking, crafting or gardening or just for a quiet place to get away.

Whatever way you use your garage, chances are many of its items can become dangerous if not properly stored. Let’s look at three types of garage hazards ordinary garage items can cause and how some simple organization can make your garage safer for everyone.


Frequently used items often turn your garage into something resembling one of the obstacle courses from the show Wipeout. Who hasn’t had to navigate from the car to the house with arms full of groceries while stepping around and over tools, garden equipment, bikes, sports gear, boxes of seasonal items and more?

A bit of organization and equipment can help transform your garage from a trip hazard danger zone into an easily navigated space. Wall organization systems like Slatwall can give you easy access to those often-used items while clearing up floor space. Overhead storage can be a great solution for bulky, infrequently used items like boxes and holiday decorations.

Fire hazards

Many of the everyday items we store in our garage are highly flammable, therefore creating a potentially dangerous situation for the entire family. Items such as gasoline, oil, fertilizer, paint thinner and pesticides should be stored in sealed containers, up off the floor in a secure and safe area, such as garage storage cabinets, where they can’t be spilled or accidentally ignited.

Items Dangerous to Kids and Animals

Some items in our garage can be dangerous to everyone, but particular care should be taken to keep them away from kids and animals. Chemicals, such as pool products, antifreeze, cleaning solutions and salt or ice-mix can be harmful if ingested or even if they touch skin. Power tools, heavy items or anything with a blade or other sharp areas can cause serious injuries. Using a combination of storage solutions can help you find safe places for all of these potentially hazardous items.

An organized garage not only brings order and cleanliness to your life, but can also help keep your family and pets safe from potential hazards.

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