Garage Storage Cabinets

Our storage cabinets can create a clean, organized and clutter-free appearance by easily storing and hiding unsightly items behind closed doors. Ideal Garage Solutions is proud to be the Tri-State’s exclusive RedLine GarageGear dealer and #1 agent in the country. Our top-of-the-line cabinet designs are robustly designed for any season and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Our custom storage solutions are designed with with quality and function in mind, creating a garage space that meets your needs, lifestyle and budget. Our cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit your preference and storage needs, and are specially designed to be mounted off the floor, making it easy to keep your space tidy. 

High Quality Construction // Off The Floor Design

Our People

With Ideal Garage Solutions, you’ll experience professionalism from our entire team. We’re homeowners just like you and our custom storage solutions start by taking the time to understand your storage needs. Not sure where to start? Our no-pressure sales team will happily walk you through the entire process and work with you to choose the right options for your storage needs. Our team will ensure your new cabinets are properly installed to create the organized and clutter-free look you want!

Our products

We offer three types of high-quality, durable storage cabinets to fit any size garage and budget. Our RedLine GarageGear cabinets feature a durable, powder-coated finish and are available with over 500 options and in virtually any color while our Classic and Economy cabinets allow you to create a clean and organized look on any budget.  All of our cabinets are designed specifically for the garage and ready to take on any season while neatly storing all of the “stuff” that gathers in the garage out of sight.

Our Process

Creating your ideal storage solution is simple:

1. Create your custom design solution  
2. Choose your cabinet style and color  
3. Move out all the items to be stored    
4. Install your beautiful, new cabinets    
5. Move your items into their new home

Exclusive Installer of RedLine Garagegear

Choose From a Dozen Color Options

Ideal Garage Solutions is proud to be the #1 RedLine Garagegear agent in the country

The Ideal Powder-Coated Cabinet

Unlike most other garage cabinets manufacturer that use powder coating, we do all of our powder coating in-house, giving us full control over the quality and consistency of the finish. And since we don’t have to wait around for outside vendors, you’ll get your cabinets quicker.

All of your order— doors, drawer fronts, and side panels — are powder coated in the same batch. We don’t use inventoried or stock parts to ensure your doors and drawers are always a perfect match.