Holiday Decoration Storage

At this time of year, I am often asked what the best to store those holiday decorations? Here are eight quick tips on how to simplify your holiday storage strategies and launch some better organizing habits in the New Year.

#1 First, before going through the time, effort and finding the space, it is best to assess the current holiday decorations to see if anything can be purged. Donate, give-away or throw things out which won’t be used in the future.

#2 Just like organizing other areas in the home, it is best if everything has a designated storage area so when you decorate next year it’s much easier to do.

#3 Using weather-resistant plastic totes to protect your items are better than cardboard boxes.

#4 Label everything for quick identification to help save time next year.

#5 For those items stored in a designated room, be sure to label the container so you know where it goes the next year. For example, all the items from the family room should be stored in the same boxes and not mixed with those displayed in the kitchen.

#6 Before putting things away, take a picture of how each of the rooms were displayed so you remember in case you wanted to replicate it in the coming year(s).

#7 For the large wreaths, it is best to make sure they will be stored where they won’t be crushed or deformed.

#8 For ornament storage, especially those that are fragile, the best way to store is to keep them in their original box. Then store them in a tote with a lid helps protect them and so they don’t get smashed and keeps the ornaments intact.

At Ideal Garage Solutions, we offer several wonderful storage solutions including our overhead storage racks which often can be hidden above the garage door and helps store virtually everything including those large holiday decorations. For some helpful suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 513-562-7542 or click here for a free in-home consultation.

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