How to Keep Your Garage Free from Rodents

IGSIt’s that time of year when rodents like to flee the cold outdoors and cozy up in warm garages looking for food or water to keep them satisfied. But you don’t want them in your house or garage! The best way to keep those unwanted mice or rats from becoming long term house guests is to prevent them from ever getting in!

First, walk the perimeter of your home and the inside of your garage. Try to find any hole the size of a dime or larger. Remember, rodents have a way of getting into the smallest of holes. So be sure to thoroughly block the hole with steel wool and/or mesh.

Second, clean out your garage! Since you frequently open and close your garage door, this entices rodents to want to seek refuge in the pile of junk in your garage. Sweep the floors, remove unnecessary trash, give away unused items. Keeping your garage free from clutter makes your garage less attractive.

Third, think like a rodent and set some traps where you think they may like to hide. You can find all sorts of traps at the local hardware store. But we suggest that you choose the low cost old fashioned snap traps. They work great unless you’re worried your pet or kids may get tangled in them. In that case, there are many safer traps that you can find. Keeping a few traps set throughout the winter is sure to stop those troublesome rodents from settling in.

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