We’re More Than Just Garages

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Ideal Garage Solutions is pleased to announce that we are growing and excited to now offer closet design services in addition to our existing line of garage organization, cabinet and floor coating solutions. We are now your expert source for organization from the exterior to the interior of your home.

Your interior closets are often a part of your home you strive to keep hidden from guests due to the chaos lurking inside. Many times, closets become an unorganized, ugly dumping ground for everything from your wardrobe to any item you want to stash away and deal with later. The problem is, the mess continues to grow and later never comes.

Imagine a closet that that is not organized, but also pleasing to the eyes and other senses – everything in its place and a place for everything. Beautiful doors and drawers, stylish colors and finishes and elegant hardware and countertops can make your closet a place that you enjoy going and want to show off to your friends and guests.

Ideal Garage Solutions wants to help you achieve your ideal closet. Schedule a free consultation today. We are excited to offer this new service and look forward to discussion options with you.

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