My Home’s New Foyer

Talk about an epiphany… I had one this weekend and I have my daughter to thank for it!  As part of my “quarantine-inspired shopping spree” I recently ordered a floral wreath for the front door. You can imagine my excitement when I heard the “ding” on my Amazon alert, after 19 days of anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I opened the door to see it leaning on my stoop and hurriedly walked to the kitchen to open the box.  I let out an ecstatic “KIDDO!  Come see!” and I immediately heard her feet running down the steps.

In true “Vanna White” style, I display the wreath on its new shiny hook and asked her to go put it on the front door.  She happily obliged and deliberately walked towards the door that led to the garage.  Not the front door of the home… you know, the one with the porch.  But the door that leads from our garage into our laundry room.  I quickly quipped “Hey, what are you doing?  That’s not the front door.”  Without skipping a beat, she replied…  “Why would we put it on the other door?  The only people that would see that are Door Dash drivers and Amazon people.”

She was right.  The front door has been relegated to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to entering the house.  The garage door is the clear winner. So… why am I spending money to put a pretty wreath on the front door?  I should be spending money on the “new entry way” into my home.  That’s where Ideal Garage Solutions comes in.  It’s time to pull the trigger and simplify my life… all while making my 3-car “foyer” more aesthetically pleasing.

We talked to the folks at Ideal Garage Solutions last fall and have been thinking of ways to update our garage since then.  With kids in sports, my husband’s infatuation with all things DeWalt and my unhealthy obsession for Halloween decorations, we constantly struggle with organization.  We know that storage is the #1 component for getting the garage in order.  My husband’s favorite thing about storage from Ideal is that it is RedLine Garage Gear (apparently that is a big deal).  He also enjoys that it is all OFF THE FLOOR!  I am pretty excited about the huge number of color options and the fact there are a ton of overhead options, too!  (Figuring I can “hide” some ghostly decorations from the hubby!)

In addition to new storage, we really want to fix up the floor throughout the garage.  Although it is a modest 3-car garage, we find that the 3rd stall is mostly used as a walkway and pass through.  This is where our friends & neighbors enter the house.  Often times, we’ll turn on the TV out there, chat with neighbors and watch the kids play in the driveway.  Having a new floor coating will create a “finished” look to the whole garage.  Again, the color options are phenomenal and I am THRILLED to “design” my new foyer.  The Hubby is ecstatic that it’s only going to take ONE DAY!

With all that being said, I placed a call to Ideal Garage Solutions to schedule my design consultation and talk next steps.  Amidst this crazy “quarantine” time, it was great to hear that the process will be easy, customized and “socially distanced”!

And just so you know, the wreath is STILL hanging on the garage entry door.  It makes me smile every time I walk into the house.  My kid may be struggling with remembering the mathematical equation for surface area during her home school sessions… but she gets an A+ in logic and common sense.  The wreath CLEARLY belongs on the garage door.

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My Home’s New Foyer

Talk about an epiphany… I had one this weekend and I have my daughter to thank for it!  As part of my “quarantine-inspired shopping spree”

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