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Many of us tend to regard closet space as an opportunity to shove our clutter behind closed doors. But closets are an essential part of our homes. When a necessary closet is well organized, you allow yourself, and your family, to save time and be more productive in daily routines. Plus, it’ll decrease the stress of trying to find lost or misplaced items, leading to a happier, calmer home. Try these four simple tips to create better-organized closet space in your home this fall.

1. Take part in fall cleaning

Who said springtime was the only time to purge your home of dirt and clutter? Take advantage of the changing seasons to clear everything out, wipe down shelves, drawers, and vacuum floors. Before you put your summer clothes into storage, cleanse your wardrobe of any items you didn’t wear. This way, your closet will be in prime shape to welcome your fall and winter wardrobe.

2. Give everything a place

When you come home, it’s all too easy to kick off your shoes, fling your jacket across a chair and toss your keys away from you. But doing so is setting your morning self up for failure—trying to find that other shoe, wherever your keys landed, and running around to find all your missing pieces are road blocks in a well-organized routine. Instead, try to organize your hall closet to be a necessary space for out-the-door essentials. Install hooks on the door for easy hang-up and removal of scarves, backpacks, jackets, and keys. Assign different colors and areas for each member of the family so everyone knows exactly where things are.

3. Create an attractive space you’ll love

The more attractive you find your organized space, the more you’ll want to keep it that way. Try painting the walls or adding a new rug in your bedroom closet, pick nice hangers and hooks for your hall closet, and find attractive bins for shoes and umbrellas. Always be sure to choose quality materials to guarantee long-lasting results. Think you might need some help getting started? Ideal Garage Solutions’ Closet Organization Solution can create a perfectly organized closet, complete with attractive finishes and quality materials. We offer 16 shelf and cabinet depths in virtually any height, and with eight standard colors and finishes, multiple doors and drawer style choices, and a wide range of accessories you have the option to customize your closet to fit all of your needs.

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