Outdoor flooring can take a beating. Ideal Garage Solutions can help get rid of the appearance of cracked concrete, worn down floors, stains, and more.

Fast Installation & Cure Time
One-day installation available. Walk on it within hours and park the car in 24 hours. No waiting several days like with other procedures.
The quick process allows you to place items back the following day.

Attractive Floor Appearance
Several color options are available and can be applied to vertical walls and steps.
An attractive finished appearance is created to make you proud.

Strong & Easy to Clean
Our specialized floor coating is 20X stronger than other coatings and resists stains from oil, salt, gas, and other chemicals.
Clean-up is fast, simple and easy. Also, our floor coating is backed by a long-term warranty.


Top-of-the-Line Equipment & Experience
We own our equipment and follow a quality-insured installation process. We don’t subcontract flooring like some others.

Our coatings penetrate deep into the concrete and here’s how we do it:

Step 1
We grind the floor to prepare it for our special coating. Theprocess helps remove stains, smooth cracks and even the surface.

Step 2
We apply our high quality coating to the floor. Our specialized floor coating is 20x stronger than other coatings and resists stains from oil, salt, gas, and other chemicals.

Step 3
The next morning, you can move items back. Ideal Garage Solutions makes it that easy to have a beautiful outdoor floor.

Ideal Garage Solutions Floor Coatings come in a number of standard colors.

A long-term bond is created between the floor & our coatings for years of durability. Check out our gallery page on our site or visit our Houzz page to learn more.

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Standard Flake

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