Redline Garage Storage Cabinets

Ideal Garage Solutions is proud to be the Tri-State’s exclusive RedLine GarageGear dealer and #1 agent in the country. Our top-of-the-line cabinet designs are robustly designed for any season and are backed by our lifetime warranty. And with over 500 choices of cabinets and the variety of colors available, we are sure to find you the right cabinet configuration to suit your needs.

High Quality Construction // Off The Floor Design

Powder Coated Finish

RedLine garage storage cabinets feature a powder coated finish which provides a seamless look that resists chipping, denting, peeling or warping and outperforms plastic, painted, or laminate products. These cabinets are designed for the garage environment, including the various temperature and humidity changes and won’t warp like other cabinets. Plus, they’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

Customizable options

We utilize our specialized 3D software to design the perfect cabinet combination to fit your needs and lifestyle. RedLine garage storage cabinets are available in over 500 varieties, allowing us to create the ideal garage for any homeowner. 

Choose from a dozen color options to give your finished design the beautiful look you want!

off the floor design

Only RedLine garage storage cabinets feature a mounted, off the floor design that not only looks great, but makes for easy and convenient cleaning. This allows for contents to stay dry when your garage floor is washed and makes sweeping a breeze with no legs or stands in the way.

Exclusive Installer of RedLine Garagegear

Choose From a Dozen Color Options

Ideal Garage Solutions is proud to be the #1 RedLine Garagegear agent in the country

The Ideal Powder-Coated Cabinet

Unlike most other garage cabinet manufacturers that use powder coating, we do all of our powder coating in-house, giving us full control over the quality and consistency of the finish. And since we don’t have to wait around for outside vendors, you’ll get your cabinets quicker.

Your entire order — doors, drawer fronts, and side panels — are powder coated in the same batch. We don’t use inventoried or stock parts to ensure your doors and drawers are always a perfect match.

Before/After photos