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Total Garage Improvement – Cincinnati, Ohio
From floor coatings, to storage cabinets, wall organization, and overhead storage, Ideal Garage Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio can provide you a one-stop shop service for total garage improvement. Learn about our complete solutions below and contact us when you’re ready to get started!

Floor Coatings
After experiencing high traffic and seasonal changes, a garage floor can take a beating. Ideal Garage Solutions can help fix any cracks and stains with our special coatings. Our specialized floor coating is 4X stronger than other coatings and resists stains from oil, salt, gas, and other chemicals.
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Storage Cabinets
Garage cabinets create a clean and organized garage by storing unsightly items behind closed doors. Ideal Garage Solutions cabinets outperform the competition. With high resistance to warping and losing luster, our garage storage cabinets will surely enhance your garage!
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Wall Organization
With its solid core construction and its easy to clean system, Slatwall is the perfect solution to accompany your storage cabinets. Slatwall organizes the garage by storing items, such as rakes, shovels, and brooms, on the wall and off the floor.
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Overhead Storage
Transform unused space into storage space by looking up – to the garage ceiling. Our overhead products are ideal for storing everything from holiday decorations to large bulky or seasonal items. As a bonus, we can help de-clutter by installing and hiding them above the garage door. Ideal Garage Solutions is your source for Overhead Storage.
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