Tips for Garage Organization

Are you completely overwhelmed with where to put all of the clutter that is taking up room in your garage? The garage is that one place where we all seem to love to be disorganized. However, the sooner you get organized, the sooner you can make better use of that space. Organizing your garage can be a tiresome task for many homeowners. Follow these five steps below to organize your garage. Who knows, you might even be able to use your garage to park your car again!

Sort your garage items.
First of all, sort and categorize all the items in your garage. For this you should empty your garage and start sorting everything into categories. Separate the tools from sporting equipment, electric tools, etc. You will soon realize how much stuff you have and will then be able to determine the best ways to organize and store everything. Misplaced items in your garage should be returned to their proper place.

Also, you should sort the things that should be in the garage from the things that should actually be in the basement, attic or better, sold at a garage sale. Remember to recycle everything that you decide to throw away.

Separate seasonal items and equipment.
A special storage solution should be installed to hang lawn maintenance tools and to keep them accessible yet out of the way. Also, near the beginning of every season, you should rotate cold and warm items in the cabinets. Lastly, shelves and drawers should be designed for sporting equipment, shelves and drawers should be designed.

Additional shelving and cabinets.
You should consider adding additional garage storage space to help you maintain the organization of your garage. Shelves and cabinets should be mounted on the walls. The basic principle is to store the items that you use on a regular basis in a way that makes them accessible every time you need them. Having garage cabinets installed will free up a lot of valuable floor space and expand your garage’s storage capacity.

Your garage will also be a much safer place to be in because the clutter is up and out of the way.

Create efficient working area.
Installing a bench or a table would be a good choice if you use your garage as a workshop. A sturdy tool chest and slat-wall are great in storing your tools and keeping them easily accessible.

Relocate trash and recycling bins nearby the garage.
To easily dispose unwanted items from your garage a good idea is to relocate the trash and recycling bins near your garage entrance. This way you won’t be tempted to keep certain items because the trash bins are too far away.

If you need help with any area around the garage including flooring, storage and other issues, Ideal Garage Solutions is there for you. Contact us at 513-562-7542.

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