Who Said Anything About Old Man Winter?

We’re already being reminded of those first chilly mornings that winter is coming.  We almost blush as we write this because, after all, it’s still fall on the calendar.  Yet, the unflinching truth is that December begins in just over 7 weeks.

Now is the time to take steps to clean and organize for the cold months.

“Cabinetize” Your Garage!     Cabinetize?  Well, that’s a word we invented.  But, what better way to rescue your cars from the cold and your Sunday football from garage cleaning than to have Ideal Garage Solutions customize your storage.

Don’t Settle for Second-Hand!     Our cabinets withstand the temperature and humidity changes that the transition from summer to winter bring.  The materials won’t warp like other cabinets and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  With over 500 cabinet choices in a variety of colors and designs that fit perfectly in your garage, you don’t have to settle for second-hand materials or design.

The sun is still shining.  It’s time to talk!

Schedule your FREE Initial Consultation today with Ideal Garage Solution.  The process is quick and easy so you can get back to the football game.  We’ll be happy to customize a storage solution that prepares you for the cold months ahead.  Be proactive and let us help you winterize your garage!


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