Garage Cabinets & Overhead Storage!

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Now that your garage is neat and tidy from the spring cleaning tips in our last blog, it’s time to start really organizing by getting things up and behind closed doors. Our garage cabinets and overhead storage options provide the great solutions for every garage storage need.



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Store Virtually Anything

Overhead storage transforms often-wasted space above your head into a great option for housing a large variety of items. Overhead storage products are ideal for storing items you need close at hand, but probably aren’t reaching for day-to-day, including holiday decorations, large bulky items like camping or sports equipment, seasonal items and more.

Safe, Unobtrusive Installation

Our overhead storage units are solidly mounted directly into the ceiling joists. Each unit is made of heavy-duty steel with a powder coated finish, capable of holding up to 600 pounds (evenly distributed) and will last a lifetime. As a bonus, we can install them behind garage doors, keeping them out of view and maintaining your garage’s de-cluttered look.



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Safe and Convenient

Our garages are full of items that we may need to access regularly, but want to keep safely away from our children and pets. Items like lawn chemicals, pesticides and antifreeze are safest when kept in cabinets, away from little hands and sniffing noses.

Dependable Options for Every Budget

We offer a variety of garage cabinet designs, sure to meet your design and budget requirements, including our Redline, Classic or Economy cabinets. All come in a variety of colors and styles, sure to match your needs.

Robustly designed for any season, our garage storage cabinets consistently outperform others. Throughout the year, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions can fluctuate wildly in your garage, causing many cabinets to warp and lose their luster. Our garage cabinet solutions, backed by our lifetime warranty, will put your mind at ease as they withstand even the toughest conditions.

We’re excited to help you take your garage storage to the next level. Give our customer service team a call any time.

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